Behind Closed Doors - Cheltenham Art Gallery
Behind Closed Doors
This is the first in a series of site-specific exhibitions and events to look behind the scenes of a wide variety of normally private settings. This exhibition featured drawings by Jacqui Rodger, and was on display in the Museum windows.
Encantas – Gloucestershire Arts Advisory Group
A series of six dynamic site-specific exhibitions across Gloucestershire in September – October 2005, curated, managed and video-documented by Creative Solutions. This was the first event of its nature in the region, and involved six artists of international repute mentoring another twelve local artists. The multi media events took place in a wide range of unusual sites, ranging from a playing field to a lake, a council house to a Gothic mansion. The impact on the communities was fantastic and ongoing, with the potential of at least two new sites sourced by Creative Solutions being developed as centres for the visual arts. A symposium sharing the outcomes of the programme was held at the University of Gloucestershire June 2006.
Insomnia - Bargehouse, OXO Tower, London, June 2005
David Grange & Jacqui Rodger were commissioned to create a film and installation. The exhibition was funded through the Red Cross to commemorate refugee week. The film 'Waiting' was extremely well received, described as 'powerful, sad yet inspirational'. It was shown again as part of the Encantas events, and has been requested by several festivals.
Ultimate Questions – Foxford School Coventry
Ultimate Questions
Public Art Commission for Foxford School. Commissioned by the Humanities department, this public artwork has been described as a 'living' artwork, as being both a beautiful artwork in its own right, and a learning tool utilised by the whole department. A full consultation with the teachers, pupils, maintenance staff and parents was delivered by Year 8 pupils, which decided on both form and content for the artwork(s). These include a series of small works on glass by the pupils and teachers themselves in addition to a large scale sandblasted artwork-incorporating lens behind which the ‘answers’ to the questions can be found. The project has attracted considerable interest and is considered by QCA as an example of good practice.
Private Commissions

Private Commissions
Creative Solutions undertake a range of commissions and gift ideas, including: hand drawn, photographic, comic and digital portraits; illustrations and watercolours; bespoke games; and photographic books. We can also cater for larger painting, glass and sculpture commissions, and have a wide range of associate artists including wood carvers and stonemasons.
Alsopp Architects/Bovis/Birmingham City Council
Alsopp Architects/Bovis/Birmingham City Council
Jacqui has been working with pupils at Holte, Lozells and Mayfield school to create ten ground based public artworks in perspex and metal. Jacqui has also been selected as one of only ten artists who will form a 'Community of Practice' to advise and implement cultural activity in Birmingham's ongoing BSF programme.
Learning Spaces Living Places - Birmingham City Council
Learning Spaces Living Places
Phase 1, underway since March 2005, has meant working with pupils and teachers to investigate the potential for creative learning environments and social spaces and making recommendations to the developers for Building Schools for the Future. Jacqui Rodger has also represented the project through workshops for Architecture week in the Mailbox, Birmingham, and at the Bidders Fair. The second phase of the project is to include commissions.
A Creative Welcome – Solihull MBC, Phase 1
Creative Welcome
Creative Solutions worked with four schools and eight artists to deliver a package of workshop led creative consultation projects with pupils, parents and teachers for the Building Schools for the Future programme. The project culminated in the creation of a DVD Package that includes research findings, documentation of the project, and the artists proposals for public art commissions for the new schools. As an indication of the success of the project, Solihull MBC created a new clause in the developers contract to ensure that they work with Creative Solutions to develop the public art content of the new schools. An initial presentation to the developers was highly successful, and we expect a number of the public art commissions to be developed in Phase 2 over the next three years.
The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum2012
The Wilson
Design and photography for 35m of laser printed hoardings, working with local schools.
Holte, Mayfield & Lozells
Holte, Mayfield and Lozells
Alsop Architects/Bovis/ Birmingham City Council, 2011
Design work with pupils from all 3 schools to create 10 floor based public artworks in metal and resin.
The Story Chair
The Story Chair
David Grange worked with woodcarver Natasha Houseago to create this interactive artwork for Hesters Way Library. Over 40 stories from local people are captured.
Sandford Park Lido
Sandford Park Lido
As part of the Revive programme, Creative Solutions commissioned and supported students from the University of Gloucester to make their first public artworks, as well as creating our own permanent screen based installation ‘The Living Archive’
Fit for Life
Fit for Life
Laser cut panels as part of Fit for Life project