Memories and Reflections - Naunton Park
Memories and Reflections
David Grange spent a full year filming interviews with groups and individuals using the park. The finished short films were shown in a specially constructed film tent, made up of people’s fabric memorabilia. A project designed to bring the community closer and celebrate this wonderful space.
Medicine at the Movies - Worcestershire Royal Hospital
Medicine at the Movies
Working with ex staff and users of the mental health service, David has looked at the personal responses to Powick Lunatic Asylum to produce a number of short films. BBC Midlands Today documented this project.
Creative activities for parents & pre-school kids -Hester's Way Children’s Centre
Children's Activities
Jacqui Rodger has been working with individuals, families and groups to develop creative activity that children and parents can do together. This has led to several permanent works for the centre.
Promotional film - Hester's Way Children's Centre
Hester's Way DVD
Creative Solutions worked closely with clients and staff to show the work of this lively centre. A moving piece professionally developed from pre to post, this DVD is used by the centre as part of the first line of outreach to the local community.
Moores Estate Project - Moors Estate Cheltenham
Moores Estate Project
In partnership with the Moors Action Group, Creative Solutions engaged the community in a broad range of arts activities. Kick-started by a hugely successful outdoor event with arts taster sessions, adults and children from the estate have participated in circus, carnival, jewellery, metal work and film projects. The project culminated in a night time carnival procession and large scale audiovisual installation.
Zeitgeist - St Paul’s Community, Cheltenham Borough Council
Working with residents to create a series of films documenting the histories of this area as it undergoes urban renewal. At least one of the films will be screened as part of the Viewfinder Festival in April.
Stained Glass Corridor - Hester’s Way Children’s centre, Cheltenham Council
Stained Glass Corridor
Parents and children under 5 at this centre made large-scale artworks with acrylic panels and transparent vinyl based on the children’s drawings.
Lighting Up - Cheltenham Hospital, Museum & Art Gallery & Art Shape
Lighting Up
Creative Solutions worked with patients on the Stroke rehabilitation ward to create artworks. This has resulted in a portable lightbox trolley that can be wheeled from bed to bed to provide both a soothing artwork and a visual stimulus.
Close to Home - Groundwork Erewash Valley
Close to Home
Artist led project to look at ways to increase access to and interest in a local nature reserve, Pennytown Ponds. A series of artist interventions and events led to a final photography competition and touring exhibition, and the creation of photography books.
Printmania - Solihull MBC
Printing and research project working with at risk young people over three school holidays to look at progression over time. Resulted in commissions for the library and the Mayor’s Parlour.
Cheltenham Community Digital Art Project
Cheltenham Community Digital Art Project
Digital portrait project with young people excluded from mainstream education. Artworks were printed in large scale onto canvas and are now on permanent display at the Community Shop in Cheltenham.
Face To Face - Cheltenham Borough Homes
Face To Face
Digital portrait project with young people from Community house in St Paul’s. Creative Solutions led and video documented this project to produce a DVD.
On the Next Level – Art Shape, Phase 1
On the Next Level
Action research working with visually impaired artist Mick O’Hara, to develop artwork and exhibition design proposals for touring exhibition targeting people with disability. The first stages of this collaboration have resulted in artworks, which combine withy sculpture with film and sound.
Top Trumps – Solihull MBC
Top Trumps
The concept, design, consultation and training package for a game designed to introduce within a youth work setting and for youth workers to generate comment and feedback. This has resulted in the creation of a ‘Top Trumps’ card game, 30 copies of which have been distributed to Solihull Youth Centres.
Stoke Approach - Stoke Town Hall
Stoke Approach
Creative Solutions designed and delivered a creative consultation project for this public art programme that included time elapse video documentation, voxpop interviews, ceramics workshops with elders groups and children, and printed plates used to consult with local shopkeepers and local authority workers. The results were so comprehensive that the environmental department of the local authority requested copies.
The Square
The Square
Creative Solutions is working with the community to establish a new arts space in this run down shopping centre. We have secured a venue, and numerous activity strands, and are hoping to open in Spring 2014.
Cowley Road Carnival
Cowley Road Carnival
Jacqui is the Creative Producer of this famous Oxford event.
Your Futures
Your Futures
Lead Artists on creative project with families experiencing domestic abuse
Common Ground
Common Ground
A Creative Youth Exchange 2012 -2013 Bringing together two disparate groups – one from a social housing estate, the other from a more affluent area. Outputs included creating a blog characterised by avatars, video & projection work and culminated in a fantastic After Dark event in Montpelier Park, March 2013.
y.Art Project, Herefordshire - 2011 – 12
y.Art Project
Highly successful multi-disciplinary youth arts programme in 10 centres across the region, that led to 'The Game' large scale site specific event.