Hill Farm Primary School
Hill Farm Primary School
Jacqui worked with year 6 pupils to create an artwork on the theme of 'Fit for life'. The pupils used action research and creative consultation to devise an ambitious route around the school with different activities at each station. In addition to facilitating the children's creative ideas including stained glass, floor and furniture painting and game boards, Jacqui created ten metal wall plaques based on the children's designs to mark the route.
Digital Media and the Curriculum - Earlsdon Primary School
Digital Media and the Curriculum
Working with pupils and teachers to look at ways to enhance curriculum delivery by creative use of new media, especially film. Pupils took on roles of a film crew (director, camera operator, researcher) and flourished with the responsibility and team work required.
CHAT - Creative Humanities and Teaching, Coventry
Teachers and artists will be working together to experiment with creative methods of delivering the humanities curriculum.
Mathways - St Barts Primary, Coventry
We worked with Year 5 and 6 pupils to create interactive maths games for permanent installation in the school. We created two games – 'Mathsters of the Universe' - a magnetic rocket with 90 different maths puzzles, and 'Can you Handle It' – a game based on block and line graphs, using Lego pieces.
Electronic Media - Forest View Primary
Electronic Media
Pupils experimented with all types of electronic media from mini 'spy' cameras to interactive white boards to create a festival of multi-media, with an accompanying ‘how-to’ DVD.
Ounsdale Oscars - Ounsdale School, Wolverhampton
Ounsdale Oscars
Students were given master classes in all aspects of film production which enable them to go on and create this gripping film drama. Shot mainly on location in a working A&E department, all participants from actors to the director had a truly amazing experience of what it's like to produce a film. David has been asked to come back and work with the school for a second year. "…staff, students, school and partners involved in this work recognise the sheer brilliance of David as a practitioner…It is the best example of a creative process that I have encountered to date." -Sharon Ayres, Education Consultant/Practitioner
Lyndon school and humanities college
Lyndon school
Pupils were given the opportunity to work with a broad range of sculptural, digital, interactive and creative practices to create a series of permanent artworks that would reflect the schools humanities status, as well as making students and staff proud of the environment. This has been a highly successful project, with pupils creating outstanding permanent artworks including a life size WW1 trench in the school grounds, the 'Humanities Hands' a series of huge metal and perspex hands etched and engraved with text and images, and they are now directly influencing school policy and practice by developing the schools Virtual learning Platform and Action for Learning.
Cardinal Wiseman
Cardinal Wiseman
This partnership began with Jacqui working with the English Department to look at creative means of enhancing the curriculum, and has developed as Jacqui has helped introduce a range of pupil led iniatives, including Arts Award and pupil led display throughout the school (DART - Display Action Research Team).
Conflict and Co-operation - Foxford School
Conflict and Co-operation
Following the success of Ultimate Questions (see below), this project explored creative means of teaching the humanities curriculum. The whole Year 10 group worked with Creative Solutions to research this GCSE unit, including developing questionnaires and recording interviews with a range of sources. These were then developed into a script, which have been filmed and edited with found footage to produce a broadcast quality DVD to be used in the classroom.
Talking Rubbish Two - Blue Coat School
Talking Rubbish Two
This project worked with Year 7 pupils to explore waste management on a local and national level, and to look at creative means to encourage their peers to recycle. The project has resulted in a DVD and an interactive sculptural bin made out of recycled materials.
Motivational Environment - Lyng Hall School
Motivational Environment
A research project working with Year 9 pupils to look at ways to improve school environment. This led to the development of a detailed proposal for an outdoor classroom, as well as creating a book of research outcomes and a mosaic artwork for the playground.
Stadium City - Stoke City FC
Stadium City
Creative Solutions were commissioned to create three short films with secondary school pupils. The BBC later broadcast these locally. The CP co-ordinator at the school wrote in his evaluation 'I have taught for over twenty years and this project is by far the most successful in terms of pupil enrichment that I have ever been involved in'.
Stay Safe - Heart of the Forest Community Special School
Stay Safe for Heart of the Forest Community Special School
Creative Solutions won notoriously over subscribed funding from MediaBox to deliver this innovative film project. Staff and pupils took the lead in every aspect, working as actors, writers, directors, camera operators and sound engineers. The project builds on a four year working relationship with this wonderful school.
Drugs Awareness DVD - Heart of the Forest
Drugs Awareness DVD
KS4 pupils at this school for children with learning difficulties, created a truly innovative and interactive DVD. Whilst learning film making skills the participants produced a learning tool for use by other special schools to educate on drug and alcohol misuse.
Multi Story - Meadowbrook Pupil Referral Unit
Multi Story
An ambitious project to provide engagement and work ready skills for pupils through film. In addition to producing a high quality short film with young people, David Grange has provided the opportunity for pupils across the curriculum to work with film professionals, including directors, script writers and make up artists.
Where’s Dave!? - Milestone Specialist School, Gloucester
Creative Solutions created a trilogy of short comic films with class 3RU. A laugh out loud project at many times, had lasting benefits for the staff in terms of ICT skills and confidence.
Welcome Voices - Welcombe Hills Special School
Welcome Voices
David Grange is lead artist on this groundbreaking project working with pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities using light, film, music and movement to develop non-verbal modes of communication.
Bishop Ullathorne School - 2011
Bishop Ullathorne School
Creative Learning programme that resulted in a 'Maths Museum', 'Connected World' installation for Geography, and 'H Factor' History event, flash cards & techniques for peer assessment, and Learning Ambassador programme.
Pupils Prospectus DVD - Bettridge Special School
Pupils Prospectus DVD
Creative Solutions are commissioned by Bettridge School to develop a DVD that can be used as a prospectus for future students. This high quality product will enable parents to see what their children can expect from their new school. Told from the student’s point of view, this participatory project will produce both a welcoming and informative DVD.